Step Pyramid of Zoser

Step Pyramid of Zoser in Saqqara

Step Pyramid of Zoser: There are many things to see and learn about in Egypt’s Pharaonic era. Religion was very important to the ancient Egyptians, so they spent a lot of time and money building temples, pyramids, and tombs. There are more than 100 pyramids in Egypt. The pharaohs had the pyramids built as their tombs, and they put their treasures, furniture, food, and everything else they would need in the afterlife inside with them.

The most well-known pyramids in Cairo are the Pyramids of Giza, but the Step Pyramid of Zoser in Saqqara is also very important. The most important thing in Memphis is the Saqqara Complex (the ancient capital of Egypt).

The History of Zoser’s Pyramid

During the third dynasty, in the 27th century BC, King Zoser ordered its construction. It was built by Imhotep (the first architect in ancient Egypt). “Dyeser Deyeseru” was the name people used for the Pyramid of Zoser. It is thought to be the model for the Pyramids of Giza and the other pyramids. Before King Zoser, royal tombs were underground chambers covered by mastabas, which are rectangular adobe buildings. King Zoser’s tomb, on the other hand, was made up of six huge mastabas stacked on top of each other.

King Zoser chose a spot on the west bank of the Nile River, south of the city of Memphis. Cairo is 30 km away. In the complex, there are also the tombs of Kagemni, Mereruka, Ankhmahor, and Ti, who were all cloud and ruler gods.

Putting together the Step Pyramid

Imhotep planned to build the pyramid in this way so that the King’s soul would rise to heaven. At the bottom of the pyramid was a 63-meter-square mastaba. Then it was made bigger twice. First, it was a 71-m-square, and then one side was made longer toward the east, making it a 71-m-by-79-m rectangle.

When the three mastabas were added, the pyramid had a total of four levels. It was made bigger again, and this time the base was a square 85 m by 77 m. Then it was made bigger and got two more mastabas. So, there was a pyramid with 6 mastabas that stacked on top of each other. It was 60 m tall and had a base that was 140 m long and 118 m wide. The limestone was used to build the pyramid.

A 10-meter-high wall made of Tura limestone surrounds the pyramid. There are 14 bastions and 14 false gates around the wall. The only way to get in is close to the south end of the east side.

The Step Pyramid’s Interior

The Step Pyramid was built in several steps. More than 200,000 tonnes of stone were used to build the last two levels of the Pyramid. From the east side of the Pyramid, you can see it best. It used to be covered by limestone, but erosion took care of that. In some places on the east side, you can see through to it. Eleven 32-meter-deep wells lead to horizontal passageways with two sarcophagi and more than 48,000 ceramic and stone vessels from the I and II dynasties. The King’s chamber is at the end of a 28-meter-deep well in the middle of the Pyramid. The room was made of red granite, and it was closed off by big blocks of granite.

Complexe of Saqqara

The Step Pyramid of Zoser isn’t just in Saqqara. In the south-east corner of the pyramid, there is a Temple with three grooved columns. There is also the Serdab, which is a room for the king where there is a statue of the pharaoh. Some buildings, like chapels, have nothing inside. There are two stands in front of these buildings.

There are also grooved columns in the South House and the North House. There is a temple for the dead to the north of the Pyramid. Inside the southern wall, there is a Great Pit that is 6 m wide and 39 m deep. It leads to a room and a granite chamber.

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