The Sinai Peninsula, Egypt’s little piece of heaven!

In every way, the Sinai Peninsula is a unique and amazing place. At least you can start with a place: Sinai is the border between Asia and Africa, and the peninsula itself is part of the Asian continent.

Its nature is also unique. Most people don’t live in the mountainous and desert areas of the Sinai, so the plants and animals have been kept in their original form. I haven’t heard of coral reefs or diving in local waters. Maybe only lazy people have told me about them.

Well, and of course, these places are very important for all people because of their historical and cultural significance. After all, this is where the Israelites wandered with Moses, and right away, the prophet received a message from God.

Fun things to do and see on the Sinai Peninsula

Of course, the Sinai Peninsula, like the rest of Egypt, is mostly known for its beautiful beaches, comfortable hotels, pretty good service, and, most importantly, its warm sea, which is full of sea life.

One gets the feeling that this is some kind of compensation for the fact that the land is both beautiful and boring. But even though it looks like a desert, there is a lot to see here.

Ras Abu Galum, Nabq, and Ras Mohammed are the three national parks on Sinai. For example, the latter is a nature reserve that has 5 ecosystems all at once!

The Sinai Peninsula is also known for its hot springs, which are a beautiful natural feature. The Sources of Moses are the most well-known of these. They were around when the story goes that Moses freed the Jews from slavery in Egypt.

After walking along the bottom of the Red Sea, they were tired, and many of them were suffering from thirst. The prophet then hit the ground several times with his staff, and water came pouring out from under the ground.

There are two other thermal baths about 100 km south of the Moses Springs. They are called the Pharaoh’s Baths and the Moses Baths.

The Colored Canyon is another unique thing to see on the Sinai Peninsula. It is only an hour’s drive from Nuweiba, which is a popular resort town.

What kind of place has a name like that?

The canyon is about 700 m long, and the gorge can get up to 100 m high at times. People who have always wanted to go to the moon will find this place very interesting.

The St. Catherine Monastery is, of course, the most important piece of history on the peninsula. The name of the Byzantine emperor Constantine the Great and his mother Helena are linked to how it looks.

In the year 330, a small church and a fort were built on Sinai to protect the monks from attacks by nomads. The first people who lived in the monastery didn’t have an easy time of things. They slept in caves, got their own food, and prayed a lot.

Also, the monks did a lot of missionary work, and over the course of several hundred years, they converted a large number of the people who lived on the Sinai Peninsula to Christianity.

By the way, the monastery didn’t show up here by accident. After all, Mount Sinai, where Moses received the ten commandments, is not too far away.

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