the pillar of Pompey in Alexandria

Alexandria is regarded to be a highly popular tourist destination in Egypt, and it has played a significant role in the history of the nation. There are several attractions in the city of Alexandria that draw visitors from all over the globe, including many historical sites.

Pompey’s Pillar is a significant landmark in the city, and it deserves special mention. It is regarded as beautiful building that is shrouded in mystery due to the fact that it has a mysterious past. In the area of “Karmoz,” next to the Catacombs, sits this establishment. The Pompey Pillar is the tallest structure in Egypt.

Pompey’s Pillar: Its Origins and Development

Pompey’s Pillar was constructed in 297 during the Roman Empire to commemorate Emperor Diocletian’s victory against General Aquileus in the fight of the Battle of Actium. According to legend, Pompey (a politician and general) was assassinated by Ptolemy XIII (Cleopatra’s brother and husband) and his head was buried in this location. However, this is not true, as shown by the fact that his head was not buried here.

Pompey’s Pillar is being built at the moment.

Pompey’s Pillar was constructed using red granite quarried in the Aswan region. The axis of the pillar, excluding the base and capital, stands at a height of 20.46 metres (46 feet). The base is 2.71 metres in diameter. The pillar stands at a total height of 26.85 metres. It has a total weight of 285 tonnes.

The remnants of the temple of Serapeo, which was demolished by Roman troops or the Christian mafia, may be found in the vicinity of the Pillar of Pompey. There are two sculptures in the shape of sphinxes, both constructed of pink granite during the reign of Ptolemy VI, and one of them has hieroglyphics of the XVIII dynasty’s monarch “Horemheb,” which is shown in the other.

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