Nabq National Park

Plan a trip to the Nabq National Park and fly to Egypt if you want to relax, enjoy summer, the beach, the sea, and have a little adventure. You go on a trip that you will remember for a long time.

Nabq National Park has the following:

The Nabq National Park is a dune landscape and is on the eastern side of the Sinai coast. Sinai is a peninsula in Egypt that sticks out into the Red Sea. In the west, the Gulf of Suez separates Sinai from the rest of Egypt. In the east, the Gulf of Aqaba separates Sinai from Saudi Arabia, and in the same area, Sinai borders both Saudi Arabia and Jordan.

Find out about places to visit in the Red Sea and Sinai.

It is 175 kilometres long and 29 kilometres wide. So, it is the most northern point of the Red Sea. Because it is surrounded by deserts and the Red Sea is always evaporating, the weather is always hot and humid.

Summers are very hot, and it’s not unusual for the temperature to reach 40°C during the day. The water is a pleasant 24°C to 26°C, though. With a salinity of 4.1%, the water is quite salty.

The Nabq National Park is a 600-square-kilometer beach area with the best sand and a 4-kilometer-long mangrove forest.

The trees are perfectly suited to the climate and the salty water. The park is 35 km northeast of Sharm El-Sheikh city and has a lot to offer in terms of plants and animals. You get to see nature that hasn’t been touched and is safe, with a dreamlike background.

Right on the Red Sea, with a bright blue sky and a desert and mountains in the background.

Nabq National Park is home to plants and animals.

Here, the plants and animals are full of colour. There are 143 plant species and a lot of animal species. Gazelles, ibex, and a wide range of insects and reptiles can be seen in their natural habitat.

It is also possible to go hiking in the mountain area to see rock formations or visit a fishing village. With the pick-up, you could go on one of the other tours.

Divers will find that the underwater world in Nabq National Park is probably the most interesting. You dive or snorkel with corals, sea snails, starfish, napoleon fish, barracudas, moray eels, rays, sharks, or an old shipwreck on the ground. The burst of colour moves people.

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From the nearby Nabq National Park to the port and resort city of Sharm El-Sheikh on the southern tip of the Sinai Peninsula, there is a lot to do. You can take a walk along the beach promenade or go to a bar or cafeștii.

There are also a lot of tasty things to eat in the restaurants. There are also many shops in the city, so you can have a varied vacation.

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