Egypt Travel Tips: Important Things To Know

We are always moving, so we like it when you pack lightly. This is the best place to find travel tips and important information about Egypt.

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There are limits on how much luggage you can bring on planes, and taxis only have so much room. Porters aren’t always easy to find like they are in the West. If you carry your bags, you’ll get some exercise. Smart casual is recommended, and this will guarantee a great photo op.

First, let’s talk about some important travel tips you need to know about Egypt.

When you arrive in Cairo: Visas
Payment in cash: If you want to buy an entry visa when you get there, you must pay in cash. You can pay in US Dollars (USD), British Pounds (GBP), or Euros (EUR).

The fee for a visa is $25 or the same amount in your currency.
You can figure out the daily rate with the help of the currency converter.

Many countries, like all of Western Europe and the Arab world, as well as the USA, Australia, and New Zealand, can get a one-month, single-entry visa when they arrive at Cairo International Airport or at the land border.
If you want to buy an entry visa when you get there, you must pay in cash. You can choose to pay in US Dollars (USD), British Pounds (GBP), or Euros (€). (EUR).

The cost of a visa is $25 USD or whatever your currency’s equivalent is.

TIPS for EGYPT Baksheesh:

This practise is known as “baksheesh” all over the Middle East. In Egypt, tipping is a big part of everyday life and is more than just a reward or a way to say “thank you” for a job well done.

In a country where wages are very low, it is an important way to make extra money, which helps families and gives extra care.

Go to Wikipedia to find out what “Baksheesh” means.

This is not something that only foreigners do. Egyptians also have to pay “Baksheesh” in exchange for being able to park their cars, get fresh food, and get their mail. You could say it’s a form of security and convenience.

If you’re happy with the service, a tip is appropriate and always appreciated, even if it’s not required. Even though it may not be normal for you, it is very important to the people who will help you on your trip.

This is one of the most important things to know before going to Egypt.

(Travel Tips for Egypt) The Must-Have Checklist for Egypt:

  • Egypt only has summer and winter.
  • Throughout the year, most days in Egypt are warm or hot, while nights are cool.
  • Winter: from November to April, it’s not too cold.
  • This happens from May to October.
  • The main things that change during the seasons are the daytime temperatures and the winds that blow most of the time.
  • In the coastal areas, the average minimum temperature in winter is 14 C.
  • Summers have an AVERAGE MAXIMUM of 30 C.
  • In the inland desert areas, temperatures vary a lot, especially in the summer, when they can go from 7 degrees Celsius at night to 43 degrees Celsius during the day.
  • During the winter, the desert’s temperatures don’t change as much, but they can drop to 0 C at night and reach 18 C during the day.

When it’s cold:

  • Wool shirts or sweaters with long sleeves.
  • Scarf
  • Warm mitts
  • Cozy hat
  • How to Carry Your Papers in Egypt:
  • (Required) Flight information and printed copies of e-tickets
  • (Required) Insurance information and photocopies.
  • Passport is required, plus copies of it.
  • Visas or proof of immunisation are needed (and photocopies).
  • Tickets and information before departure (required)
  • Long jeans or pants
  • Money belt or a wallet with a zip
  • T-shirts and button-downs ( both long and short-sleeved and please ensure that there are no offensive statements or visible prints that may offend in Sacred settings )

Things you need for daily comfort:

  • Entertainment for oneself (Reading, writing materials, cards, music player, etc.)
  • A small first-aid kit (should include lip balm with sunscreen, sunscreen, a whistle, Aspirin, Ibuprofen, bandages/plasters, tape, antihistamines, antibacterial gel/wipes, antiseptic cream,
  • Imodium or similar tablets for mild diarrhoea, rehydration powder, water purification tablets or drops, insect repellent, a sewing kit, and any extra prescription drugs you may be taking)
  • Today, most smartphones have great cameras that can take great pictures and record high-definition videos in HD (With extra memory cards and batteries)
  • Cash in US dollars, credit and debit cards, and a contact in case you need to use the WESTERN UNION money transfer system
  • Backpack for the day (Used for daily excursions or short overnight stays)
  • Foam-like Earplugs and several pairs that can be thrown away are suggested.
  • Fleece sweater with a flashlight jumper or anorak
  • Comfortable Shoes and extra socks
  • A hat or sun visor that protects you from the sun or the cold.
  • Bags with locks
  • Outlet adapter that can do more than one thing
  • Water bottle that can be used more than once
  • Sleepwear is loose and easy to move in.
  • Some Small towels for travelling that are easy to bring on a day trip
  • Good sunglasses that help with glare and extra contact lenses and glasses.
  • A travel pack full of toiletries (Preferably biodegradable)
  • Digital is good for a watch and alarm clock
  • Backpack cover that won’t get wet
  • A raincoat that doesn’t let wind in and comes with a hood

During warm weather

  • Use sunblock to keep your skin from getting burned if you tend to do that.
  • Sandals and a pair of other slip-on shoes with a rubber sole
  • Shorts or skirts (It’s best to wear longer shorts or skirts)
  • Bandanna/sun hat
  • During the winter, it is very important to bring warmer clothes if you plan to spend the night on a felucca (Nov-Feb).

Travel Tips for Egypt:


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